White Crescent Junior Gap Front Utility Thermoset WC Seat Only

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White Crescent Junior Gap Front Utility Thermoset WC Seat Only
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White Crescent 1.1kg Utility Thermoset Seat Junior gap front seat only (No Cover) with Stainless Steel Hinges.
Seat is 305mm wide to fit school WC pans.

Thermoset seats are made of heated plastic materials, these set rigid once cooled and will not distort.

Seat are usually sold as Light, Medium & Heavy weight we put the actual weight of all Thermoplasic and Thermoset seats in the description so that you can make your own decision as to which best suits your requirement.

We recommend using a mild hand soap and water when cleaning your seat. Most cleaners used in bathrooms are harsh and abrasive. Stay away from toilet bowl cleaning products that contain bleach, aerosols, vinegar, essential oils or abrasives. This will help maintain a glossy finish to your seat. Also take care with coloured cleaners which you leave around the toilet bowl,always leave the seat up otherwise they will discolour the underside of the seat.

Code C3250
(inc VAT)

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